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Office Coffee: No Longer One-Dimensional

Office Coffee: No Longer One-DimensionalMany great things have happened in the coffee industry over the last several decades. Thank goodness that most of those great things have made their way to the office environment. Truth be told, office coffee is no longer the one-dimensional offering it once was. Today’s office coffee service offers a ton of great options by way of both coffee products and the equipment used to provide workers with that morning cup of Joe.

If your current coffee service offers only one or two blends and an outdated pour-over machine, it might be time for you to consider switching services. The modern office coffee service offers all of the latest equipment along with dozens of varieties of coffee products; most also carry other hot and cold beverages as well.

Coffee Flavors and Blends

Coffee is a very personal thing. Moreover, because people are different, their tastes and preferences are different as well. The coffee industry has responded by producing dozens of different flavors and blends to satisfy any palate. Gone are the days when your choices were limited to only the regular, Colombian, and dark roast. Today’s flavors include things such as:

french vanilla
banana cream
chocolate raspberry
toasted almond.

We haven’t even scratched the surface with these five flavors; there are many, many more. Needless to say, there is something for everyone. As far as blends go, creative roasters are coming up with some very unique products. For example, you can choose a premium French roast or a popular donut shop blend.

Coffee Equipment

The biggest change in the coffee service industry since the turn of the 21st century is the introduction of the single cup machine. The single cup machine makes it possible for workers to have a fresh, hot cup of coffee at any point during the day – without having to worry about “stale” coffee that’s been sitting on a burner for four hours. Single cup machines also make it easy for people to enjoy different flavors as they see fit.

The convenience of the single cup machine is probably its biggest selling point. With an older, pour-over machine, someone in the office has to be responsible for cleaning the pots and burners, cleaning the filter basket, and making sure burners are turned off at the end of the day. The single cup machine is virtually carefree. Every worker is responsible for his or her own cup. There are no pots, burners, or filter baskets to worry about.

Of course, the single cup machine would not be the best choice for board meetings and other gatherings where individuals do not have easy access to coffee. Now though, we have thermal brewers that can brew the equivalent of a 12-cup pot and keep it hot for hours on end, with no burners involved. It is yet another way to keep coffee hot and fresh throughout the day.

There is no doubt the coffee service industry has changed over the years. At Galaxie Coffee, we pride ourselves on always being at the cutting edge of service and technology. We would be honored to be your coffee service provider in the greater New York area. Please feel free to browse our website to see all of the exciting flavors, blends, and equipment we provide. In addition to coffee service, we also offer a full range of cold and hot beverages, paper products, janitorial supplies, and more.

Gourmet Coffee Showing up in More Offices

Gourmet Coffee Showing up in More OfficesCoffee service representatives from all over the country gathered in Las Vegas this past spring to learn about the newest products and trends in the business. The theme of this year’s convention seemed to focus around one topic: gourmet coffee. Customers are now demanding the same high-quality gourmet coffees in the office that have long been a staple of the neighborhood coffee shop. Thankfully, service providers are more than happy to oblige.

Gourmet coffees are products that offer coffee drinkers more than just a fancy name. These are special blends using coffee beans from exotic locations, combined with different roasting techniques and additional flavorings. What’s more, gourmet coffees span every category, including:

standard coffees

In order to satisfy customer demand, coffee service providers are working with roasters to come up with unique, signature blends they can call their own. For the genuine coffee lover, this is a great time to be engaged. It is also a great time for your office to get some incredible products from your service provider.

New Equipment

Along with all of that gourmet coffee is a new line of equipment meant to take advantage of the single cup craze. When single cup machines were first introduced nearly a decade ago, there was considerable speculation as to whether these would become a coffee service mainstay or not. Well, you know the rest of the story.

Single cup coffee makers not only dominate the office coffee environment, they are also popular among consumers at home. A single cup machine provides a way to have a fresh cup of coffee any time of the day, quickly and conveniently. Our customers love single cup machine because they:

provide a hot, fresh cup of coffee instantly
allow for drinkers to choose their own flavors
reduce the need for machine cleaning and maintenance
reduce coffee waste.

The challenge for coffee service companies is to adapt gourmet coffees to the single cup mentality. For example, a latte is not truly genuine if it is not made with liquid milk. The same can be said about cappuccino and espresso. Providing our customers with gourmet lattes requires equipment that can handle liquid milk instead of relying on powders.

Keeping Customers Happy

By the time the 2014 convention drew to a close, it was apparent that coffee service businesses have a lot of new tools they can use to keep customers happy. And in fact, that’s what coffee service is all about. It is about making sure customers have as many choices for hot beverages as possible at their fingertips, and equipment capable of producing high-quality beverages reliably and efficiently.

Galaxie Coffee is proud to be one of the leading office coffee service providers in the greater New York area. In addition to gourmet coffees and single cup machines, we offer a full variety of hot and cold beverage choices along with tea, juices, energy drinks, soda, bottled water, water coolers, break room and janitorial supplies.