Recent Research Sites Health Benefits of Coffee

Recent Research Sites Health Benefits of CoffeeBack in the 1970s and 80s, it was thought that coffee was bad for you. Indeed, there was a plethora of research suggesting links between excessive coffee consumption and cancer, as well as other risks relating to diabetes, coronary disease, and the like. However, new research is saying just the opposite. We will get to the discrepancy in just a minute, but for now, it is enough to know that recent research has begun citing the health benefits of daily coffee consumption.

One recent epidemiological study out of Johns Hopkins University analyzed data from two other studies, one from Sweden and the other from the U.S. It concluded that there appears to be some link to regular coffee consumption and reduced risk of developing multiple sclerosis. The study looked at combined data relating to more than 6,700 individual patients. Some of the patients had MS; others did not.

Another study out of South Korea seems to imply that regular coffee consumption can reduce the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases linked to clogged arteries. That study looked at more than 25,000 participants of varying ages and lifestyles. Those who drank 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day were significantly less likely to suffer from clogged arteries.

Explaining the Discrepancies

Several additional studies have suggested that daily coffee drinking can reduce the risks of dozens of diseases. So why are these studies now showing coffee in a positive light where previous studies suggested coffee consumption was bad for you? According to researchers, it comes down to how epidemiology works. Unlike studies that look for mechanical or physical causes of disease, epidemiology looks for links between behavior and outcomes.

Back in the 1970s and 80s, coffee drinking went hand-in-hand with smoking and a lack of exercise. Because of these other behaviors, it was difficult to separate cause and effect from an epidemiological standpoint. Things are different in the 21st century. Smoking rates have been drastically cut and more people are exercising now than ever before. Furthermore, the more we know about the contents of coffee and its effects on the human body, the more epidemiologists can see direct links rather than indirect ones.

No one is yet ready to declare coffee a miracle beverage that will guarantee better health. Moreover, that will probably not ever happen either. Nevertheless, it is nice to know that we can drink coffee knowing that I will not kill us and that it will probably help us to some degree.

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