With Milk or Black – How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

How you drink your coffee can be a very personal thing. Some people are extremely sensitive, for example, about the type of milk or cream or they use. Others are very particular about sweeteners, syrups, etc. So how do you drink your coffee?

This post will focus mainly on alternative milk products and black coffee. Both options are just as valid as tried-and-true cream and sugar. If you are looking for an alternative to regular milk or nondairy creamers, we may have something here that would interest you.

Soy Milk

Milk derived from soybeans is one of the oldest non-dairy milk products in the world. Its history dates back to fourth century China and a product known as soy wine. Modern soy milks are quite popular among those who maintain a plant-based diet.

Regular soy milk heats up much more quickly than coffee, resulting in an unusual texture. However, there are some brands whose formulas have been designed to act more like regular milk in terms of heating and steaming. Soy milk offers a slightly sweet and nutty taste with a smooth and shiny finish.

Nut Milks

If you are not into soy, you can try hazelnut or almond milk. Both kinds of milk are derived by soaking the nuts in water before blending the entire mixture and straining out the solids. Almond milk has a sweet taste, though it separates from coffee rather easily. Hazelnut milk is also sweet and a bit nutty. It will not give you much volume if you are looking to create a bit of froth by steaming.

Rice Milk

You might try rice milk if you’re looking for something that is low in fat and cholesterol-free. It works well enough in coffee, but it is thick and starchy. It also will not add any sweetness to your coffee. Keep that in mind if coffee’s natural bitterness is a problem for you.

Black Coffee

You could go completely radical and drink your coffee black. One way to get around the bitterness of hot brewed black coffee is to cold brew it instead. Cold brewing brings out all the natural flavors of the coffee with less bitterness and even a touch of sweetness.

Going black offers a number of health benefits as well. For starters, you do not get the extra calories and ingredients that come with milks, creamers, and sweeteners. Straight black coffee is very low in calories as well. And by the way, all of the health benefits of drinking coffee you’ve already heard about relate to black coffee.

Drinking your coffee black can help increase brain power and cognitive functioning over time. It has also been shown to improve memory and decrease the risk of developing dementia-related diseases. Regular consumption of black coffee reduces Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s risks substantially.

Studies have shown that black coffee can:

  • improve liver performance
  • aid weight loss efforts
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • decrease diabetes risk
  • improve performance during workouts.

Many of the health benefits linked to black coffee are directly related to all the antioxidants it contains. Coffee’s caffeine content certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Have It Your Way

There isn’t just one way to drink coffee. If you prefer regular creamer and sugar, more power to you. Perhaps you’d like to try one of the alternative milk products instead. If you want something completely different, black coffee might be the way to go. Here at Galaxie Coffee, it’s all good. Contact us to learn more about setting up beverage service in your workplace.