What Is the Coffee Martini and Why Is It So Popular?

What Is the Coffee Martini and Why Is It So Popular?National Coffee Day in the U.S. was September 29. On that day, coffee houses and cafés all served up their best coffee drinks in an effort to celebrate what is clearly our national beverage. Among the many concoctions coffee lovers enjoyed is what is known as the ‘coffee martini’.

Yes, you did read that correctly. The coffee martini is a genuine drink served in bars and nightclubs all across the country. It is among a group of current coffee fads that also includes cold brew and herbal coffee substitutes. But unlike many other coffee fads, the coffee martini may just stick around for a long time.

What is a coffee martini? It is an alcoholic beverage made with coffee as a base and served cold in a martini glass. The alcohol one mixes with coffee to produce the desired drink is left to personal preference. However, the most commonly chosen alcohol used to create this interesting drink is vodka. And why not? Vodka barely has any flavor of its own, so it is the perfect spirit to mix with coffee without inhibiting its flavor.

How to Make a Coffee Martini

Making coffee martinis is as easy as making any other mixed drink. Most of the time you start with hot coffee that gets poured over ice. But remember, this will dilute the coffee as the ice melts. Therefore, most recipes begin with espresso to take advantage of its concentration. After pouring the coffee over the ice, you simply add your alcohol of choice along with any other ingredients you might happen to enjoy.

You could combine two fads by using cold brew coffee in your martinis. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about dilution because the coffee could be chilled before being poured over ice. You might also consider putting your alcohol in the freezer for a few hours beforehand. That way, the colder temperature of the alcohol will offset the warmer temperature of the coffee.

A New and Popular Drink

There is no getting around the fact that the coffee martini is becoming a more popular drink as time marches on. As for why this is so, no one really knows. It could be that we Americans, who seem to love moving from one fad to the next, have been captivated by yet another way to enjoy America’s favorite beverage. The coffee Martini makes it possible for us to mix the drink that gets us going in the morning with one that keeps us going at night.

It could be that the coffee martini is just a way for certain segments of the coffee drinking population to feel good about what they are drinking. Who knows? In the meantime, our goal at Galaxie Coffee is to serve our customers by providing the best coffee and beverage service in the greater New York area. We carry a complete line of hot and cold beverages along with breakroom supplies and more.