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Coffee and Instagram – Baristas You Need to Follow

Hello Coffee Lovers,

Would you like to keep up on the latest trends in coffee? Here is what one of our colleagues at Espresso Works has been up to. Here are some of the most popular coffees, and baristas, on Instagram. Please enjoy the following infogram as you sip your cup of Joe.


Coffee and Instagram Baristas You Need To Follow

Coffee: from Seed to Cup

From the CEO of Galaxie Coffee:

Hello, Coffee Lovers,

I’m always on the lookout for what’s new and innovative in the coffee industry. I recently made the acquaintance of a gentleman who does much the same thing, and thought that he was worthy of mention. His name is Phil La Rosa and he works with Espresso Works in Perth, Australia. They specialize in the maintenance and sales of the finest coffee machines and associated products in Australia. As part of his work he, too, enjoys keeping up to date with content relating to the coffee industry.

Like many people (myself included), he has always been curious about the production of coffee – what needs to happen in order for us to enjoy our favorite brew? With this in mind, he thought it would be interesting to create an infographic entitled ‘’Coffee: From Seed to Cup’’. It looks at the different stages of coffee production while also giving some coffee industry facts.

I’ve published it here. Enjoy it, while perhaps enjoying a cup of joe.


Infographic below Courtesy of Espresso Works, Perth, Australia

Coffee - from Seed to Cup