3 Things Coffee and Chocolate Have in Common

To some people, coffee and chocolate exist on planes higher than any other food or beverage. You might be a chocolate and coffee connoisseur yourself. If so, you know there is a lot to love about both. From our perspective, we are fascinated by the fact that coffee and chocolate have so much in common.

This post will discuss just three of those things. As you read, we do hope you will keep in mind that Galaxie Coffee takes extraordinary pride in providing our customers with the highest quality coffees, juices, and other beverages. We can set you up with some exceptionally fine coffee regardless of your tastes.

1. Both Have Long Histories

The first thing is the fact that coffee and chocolate both have long histories. Chocolate’s history goes back much further, perhaps as far back as 1700 BC. We know that chocolate was big in South America among the Aztecs and Mayans. But the earliest archaeological evidence of chocolate dates back to the Mokaya people.

As for coffee, legend suggests that Ethiopian goat herders discovered it somewhere around 200 A.D. The legend may or may not be true. The first known use of coffee as a beverage though dates back to 15th century Africa. Though coffee’s history is not nearly as long as chocolate’s, it is still significant.

2. Both Thrive in Warm Climates

Though it is technically possible to grow coffee and cacao anywhere, they prefer warmer climates. Both grow exceptionally well in the rich soils of tropical regions, making certain areas of Africa, Asia, and the Americas ideal for growing. Some of the best environments for producing cacao trees are also famous for their coffee. From Mexico on down to Ecuador, geographic and climactic conditions are ideal for growing.

3. Both Offer Complex Flavors

Finally, coffee and chocolate share similarities in the complexities of their flavors. Where coffee is concerned, flavor complexity is generally the result of roasting and combining multiple beans to create unique profiles. Chocolate’s flavor is derived from the chosen beans and their fermentation.

Just as there are expert wine tasters whose tongues are capable of identifying even the most subtle notes, there are also experts able to identify all of the flavor complexities of coffee and chocolate. You may not have such a discerning palate, but you do know that both coffee and chocolate are delicious.

No Better Combination

Coffee and chocolate do have quite a bit in common. In light of that, we can think of no better combination. We encourage you to take some time to enjoy a delicious piece of chocolate alongside your favorite cold or hot brew. Pamper yourself in the luxury that is these two delectable treats.

In the meantime, we also encourage you to contact us to learn more about our office coffee and water service. We take great pride in offering our customers high quality products that meet their discriminating tastes. Best of all, we bring the coffee right to you.