Galaxie Is Proud to Now Offer Kitten Coffee

Galaxie Is Proud to Now Offer Kitten CoffeeGalaxie Coffee is always looking for new products that we believe our customers will be excited about. In light of that, we are proud to announce that we are now offering Kitten Coffee, a premium roasted brand produced right here in the Big Apple. Kitten Coffee is located on Skillman St. in Brooklyn. They are one of only a small handful of premium coffee roasters in New York. We believe you will really enjoy what they have to offer.

Kitten founder Rowan Tuckfield is not a native New Yorker, nor is his company native to Gotham. Tuckfield and his coffee roasting business are originally from Melbourne, Australia. So why bring his premium-roasted coffee across thousands of miles of ocean to land in New York? Tuckfield says it is because “the greatest city in the world deserves the greatest coffee in the world.” Tuckfield and business partner Todd Broockerd share a passion for fine coffee and the coffeehouse culture. New York is the perfect venue to combine both.

What Kitten Offers

Kitten Coffee starts with three different blends roasted from Arabica coffee beans grown and harvested in southern Brazil. What makes their coffee beans different is that the company prefers the “natural method” of drying that leaves the fruit of the coffee bean intact as it dries naturally in the sun. This natural process allows for fermentation within the bean that produces a richer, deeper flavor without the bitterness.

The company’s Salmo, Antonio, and Siquiera blends all combine notes of chocolate and different fruits. Salmo even includes a slight hint of caramel. All three coffees are sold at the retail level in their Skillman St. shop or wholesale to companies such as Galaxie Coffee.

Above and beyond the roasting, Kitten also offers barista training at both their retail location and factory. You can learn the techniques of fine coffee artistry to use at home or in your own coffee shop here in New York City. Kitten believes so much in the coffeehouse philosophy that they are willing to teach anyone how to be a world-class barista, knowing that there is plenty of room for anyone in New York who wants to get into the coffee business.

For the person who just wants to know a little bit more about how to make great coffee at home, the Kitten website includes some important tips. For example, they recommend never storing coffee in the fridge because it absorbs odors. You are better off buying smaller amounts that can be stored on a shelf and used within a week to 10 days.

We invite you to visit the Kitten Coffee website for more information about this wonderful local company. If you are a Galaxie customer, be sure to ask us about Kitten Coffee for your office. And of course, we want to provide coffee and beverage service to your New York office if you are not yet a Galaxie customer. We pride ourselves on providing the best service anywhere in the Big Apple.