Drinking Coffee Before Your Workout – Why it’s Recommended

Do you have a regular workout routine that you follow? If so, is there some particular food or beverage you consume just prior to your workout? We ask because it turns out that coffee might be the perfect pre-workout beverage thanks to the properties of caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant and, to some extent, a psychoactive drug. It is certainly not as powerful as other psychoactive substances, but caffeine still stimulates the brain and body in several ways. That could turn out to be a particularly good thing where exercise is concerned.

Benefits of Pre-Workout Coffee

Numerous studies looking into the effects of caffeine on the body suggest that drinking coffee before your workout could help you make the most of your exercise time. Here are just a few of the potential benefits of a pre-workout coffee, compliments of the Very Well Fit website:

Caffeine helps burn fat during exercise
Caffeine boosts metabolism
Caffeine boosts performance during exercise
Caffeine improves mental focus
Caffeine reduces muscle pain.

All of these properties of caffeine are believed to enhance the benefits of working out regularly. As always, the ideal scenario involves drinking your coffee black. Once you start adding sugar, creamer, and syrup to your morning cup, you might very well be negating some of the benefits of drinking the coffee to begin with.

Coffee and Working Memory

Another thing to consider is that daily exercise leads to the release of certain brain chemicals that are believed to improve what is known as working memory. Working memory is that which allows us to store and recall certain kinds of information linked to language and perception.

Another study shows that a cup of coffee is equivalent to 20 minutes of moderate exercise in terms of its benefits to the brain. It stands to reason that combining regular exercise with coffee would be even better for the brain than either one alone. So in essence, a cup of coffee before you work out only enhances the benefits of exercise for improving working memory.

That same study shows that coffee drinkers do better than their non-coffee drinking counterparts on memory tests. Moreover, the disparity between coffee drinkers and nondrinkers mirrors the disparity between people who exercise and those who do not. All of this seems to suggest that combining regular exercise with a pre-workout coffee is particularly good for working memory.

Another Reason to Love Coffee

The more we learn about the health benefits of coffee, the more we appreciate what is arguably the world’s most popular beverage. Knowing that a pre-workout coffee can improve performance is just another reason to love it.

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